We have been serving thousands of both local and foreign tourists since 2005.

We are the first to offer the organized CALAGUAS TOUR and up to now we always got the highest positive review and feedback.

We are the first, the original and the best outfitter in the Calaguas Group of Islands.

We are even far better than a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Calaguas Trip as we offer you a best value hassle-free calaguas package.

We never compromise our clients’ safety and convenience. We are equipped with our very own life-vests and lifeguards. We have chefs who prepare all camp meals complete with dining sets. We provide drinking water at your choice of hot or cold. We also bring along our very own generator set to the island. We hold reggae nights on occasional basis depending on the request of the guests.

But we are not just promoting the Calaguas Island, we also incorporate our Advocacy in protecting our environment. Thus, we strictly implement the collection of all our tour garbage before leaving the island. We are the one who initiated the Calaguas Coastal Clean-Up. And so far, there are no other Calaguas outfitter who had done it ever.

Others may got their own “claims” BUT still it is US who got the honest trust and confidence of thousands whom we had served and thousands more to be served.

Travel with us and experience the Best of Calaguas.




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